The Memory of Treblinka Foundation

1. What type of devices are suitable for the path?

Audio guide can be used on any smartphone (iOS or Android).

2. What should I prepare before going to Treblinka?

There is hot-spot (WI-FI) in Museum (on parking place). But we recommend you to download both the AudioTrip application and the path when earlier. Remember to charge your phone and to bring headphones.

3. How should the pathpath be downloaded?

First step is to download AudioTrip application via App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). After opening the app you should register and log in or skip it and find the pathpath in the catalogue,, by entering its name or just the word “Treblinka”. Then click ‘download’ at the bottom of the screen.

4. How should I switch on geolocation?

This varies for different types of phones, but it’s easy to find instructions in the Internet. In iPhone this can be done in the privacy settings. Remember to share your location with the AudioTrip application.

5. When does the given Audio guide part start?

Each point of the path has a virtual diameter of about 50 m. The audio stars when a user crosses the point’s virtual border. It stops the part currently played, so if you want to listen to the entire audio of a given point, don’t approach the next point too fast. Such automatic launch happens only once for a every point. You can always stop listening to the current point and choose another. Recording will resume from where you stopped it.

6. Why, when I’m back in Treblinka, Audio guide point don’t start automatically?

The application remembers which points were visited. If you use iOS, you should delete the path from the application and download it again. In Android phones there is a “Reset” button, which marks all the points as “not visited”. You can always start a given point manually.

7. How should I change the path’s language?

To listen in Polish you have to download the Polish version of the path (before arriving to Treblinka). Its name is “Extermination Camp Treblinka II”.

8. Google Play requires access to a number of resources. Is it right?

The application requires access to the components it uses. Some paths require more data for providing more functions (e.g. diary, own path creation, Facebook integration), but our path requires the user’s geolocation only.

9. Do I need Internet access?

Internet access is required in order to download the AudioTrip application and then the path. You don’t need access once on site. Since roaming fees in EU have been cancelled, this is especially important for visitors from outside of EU.

10. I stopped using the application for a moment and now it’s not automatic any longer. Do I have to start all the next points manually?

Most probably you stopped not only the current point (top-left button) but the entire application as well. If this is the case, the play button at the bottom of the screen should display an arrow and not “II”. If so, please press Play button.

11. Do I need a paper map during the walk?

A paper map is not obligatory. The Jewish Historical Institute together with The “Memory of Treblinka” Foundation designed a map with all the points comprising short historical commentaries and some witnesses’ testimonies. The map was meant mainly for visitors who are not smartphone users.