(Polski) Podróż Pamięci

(Polski) „Podróż Pamięci” to zaproszenie dla warszawskich szkół do opracowania i przeprowadzenia lekcji edukacyjnej w Treblince –  miejscu, gdzie w czasie II wojny światowej Niemcy zbudowali obóz zagłady, w którym zamordowali ok. 900 tysięcy ludzi.
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The Book of Names - database of Treblinka victims

One of the goals of the Foundation is to collect data about the people who died in Treblinka. We create a base, which gradually complementarity and put on the website of the Foundation. We called it a book of names.
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Building the Education Center

Building the Education Center is the Foundations main goal. This place, doomed to be forgotten, as well as the people who were murdered here, need to speak more loudly to the world. Now it speaks through silence and the beauty of nature. But those who come here should receive more help in understanding what happened here. The should see how the camp was designed, hear the stories connected to every part of it.
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