Meetings in Treblinka

Many, many roads lead to the ashes of nearly a million Jews buried in Treblinka. Some visit this place alone and in silence, others leaning on the presence of their close ones, others still in organized groups. Some have been planning to come here for years and still cannot make up their minds. Others, drawn by a remarkable force, visit this place very often.
On every last Saturday of the month at 10AM rev. Wojciech Lemański leads to Treblinka those who want to share a moment of contemplation, reflection, and prayer. Below you can read how the idea for these meeting was born.


Meeting in Treblinka

Letter of the Foundation’s Board to the President of the RP Andrzej Duda

On 5 February 2018 the members of the Management Board of the Foundation for the Protection of the Memory of Treblinka Extermination Camp sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Poland  Mr Andrzej Duda asking to veto the changes to the law on the Institute of National Remembrance. Unfortunately the law was signed by […]


Commemorating the Anniversary of the Treblinka Uprising

Since the 70th anniversary of the uprising of prisoners in Treblinka the Jewish Historical Institute has organized a number of events in order to commemorate all those murdered in the extermination camp. In 2013 they arranged a meeting with Samuel Willenberg – the last surviving Treblinka escapee and an insurgent in the Warsaw Uprising. The meeting […]


Uroczystości w Treblince 2.08.2013 r.